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I just love hijab, abaya, jilbab, traditional Islamic dressing, and modest clothing and absolutely enjoy writing about them as well as sharing photos of them and helping others.

So much so, I would also enjoy reading your thoughts about hijab, Islamic clothing and modest dressing and comments on the site...

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Islamic Clothing - Wide Selections Traditional And Contemporary Modest Clothing For Women

My Islamic clothing roses


This page is about the best Islamic clothing including Arabic clothing, Middle Eastern clothing, Pakistani clothing, traditional and contemporary modest clothing for women.

Typically, traditional Islamic clothing styles are often in the form of regional clothing.

The most popular items are abaya and jilbab which is often considered as Arabian Islamic clothing styles. They are not only favoured by the Arab women but also Muslimahs all around the world for their complete modesty and large varieties that suit most occasions.

Nowadays you find varieties of abaya in many colours, styles and embellishment. It is not only worn by the Muslim, but the non-Muslim are also keen to wear it.

You could find also designer abaya, bespoke abaya, abaya couture that are almost like glamorous evening wear label, to cater to a certain base of abaya wearer who pay great importance to the design of the abayat specifically their embellishment with high end fabrics and embroidery.




We love beautiful items and fashion and being able to show versatility in styles by combining these and maintaining our Islamic tradition is in essence in our wardrobe. It's all about blending styles with traditional culture.


Abayat set


Check out our traditional and contemporary Abaya section for more great selections.......................


And a lot more fabulous selections for Jilbab in here.................

Don't forget to check out these awesome Hijab to match your Abaya & Jilbab...............

Shalwar kameez suits and tunics are seen more as South Asia or Central Asia styles of Islamic clothing. It is actually a unisex dress similar in way shirt and pants worn by Westerners.

Traditionally, shalwar kameez is worn in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Afghanistan. In Pakistan, it is regarded as the national costume.

On a female, the shalwar kameez set is completed by wearing a dupatta or rectangular scarve or long shawl. Dupatta is considered as integral part of shalwar kameez used to cover the head or drape over the chest.

designer shalwar kameez

Woven Patterned Shalwar Kamees from Designer Shalwar Kameez


shalwar kameez

Beautiful Salwar Kameez from CBazaar


long Indian kurti tunic

Long Indian Kurti Tunic from AlSharifa


black crepe kurti

Black Crepe Kurti from East Essence


Here is the video clip showing you how to wear shalwar kameez duppata.



In other part of the world like Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore the traditional Islamic dress is called baju kurung, which is literally means "enclosed dress" in Malay. It is also the national dress of Malaysia and Brunei.

A baju kurung is a loose fitting dress, consists of a long sleeves, collarless blouse and a maxi skirt with foldings on one side. It is usually made of silk, imported from Japan, South Korea or India. The fabric is also available from the Malaysian states of Trengganu or Kelantan which is more than often in the form of high-end silk batik or hand-designed fabrics.

Baju kurung is worn with headscarf (a tudung) for complete modesty. The contemporary baju kurung comes commonly in lively colours and geometric patterns.

batik baju kurung

Batik Baju Kurung from MedinaBatik


woven cotton baju kurung

Woven Cotton Baju Kurung from Tenun Kapas


modern baju kurung

Modern Baju Kurung from Gaya Wanita


songket baju kurung

Songket Baju Kurung from ShopMalaysia


Contemporary Islamic and modest clothing consist of styles that are relevant today. You can shop at any store online or offline and not just limited to Islamic clothing shops. Just keep in mind that in order to qualify as Islamic apparel, the clothes mustn’t be sheer, form-fitting, or revealing.

Armani New Year Dazzle!

Make sure you also check out our Modest Clothing for lots more great ideas.............









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