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Smart Leather Coats Including Leather Trench Coats That Suit Modest Style

My Islamic clothing roses


Find wide range of women leather coats including leather trench coats online that suit modest style. Chic leather coat tips and ideas.

Leather coat is one of the outerwear items that matches the attitude and versatility of a super chic coat. Perfect for everybody of all ages, the leather coat can go with everything from jeans to tailored suit or dresses.

It has the ability to be comfortable in both hot and cold temperatures and suitable to be worn in any kind of weather. The waterproof quality of leather makes it perfect coat for rain, sleet or other wet and damp conditions.

Leather coat has always been associated with biker, but there is much more than looking cool in this type of outerwear as this high quality coat offers superior protection against abrasion etc. A genuine leather coat can survive serious rough usage and tends to last for many years when taken care of properly.

A leather coat requires some thought before you buy one. The last thing you want is a leather coat that does not suit your style, go out of fashion or make you look unnecessarily bold. The key is to pick a quality leather coat in a classic and contemporary style, which range from cropped versions which perfectly match with maxi dress and long tunic to leather trench coat styles that suit almost any of your modest outfit and hijab style attire.


Tips & Ideas

Take into account a particular style and colour leather coat you feel would be best for you. If you are looking for leather trench coat that is made of the softest leather, you will probably able to find this type of leather coat only in a high quality store.

Not all leather coats are going to look the same on every person. Do not shop just by sight and price only. Make sure that the coat has to fit your body shape and style as well.

A leather coat can be a major investment, so stretch your money by going with a classic and timeless style of good quality leather. Medium length leather coat offers the most versatility and wearability, especially suitable for modest and hijab style. Maxi leather coat to bomber leather jacket can work depending on your lifestyle. In term of colour, black is the top choice as it can work with any colour of your outfit and hijab.

If you have the budget, splurge on a fashion statement designer leather coat. Choose from retro-feel blazers or stylishly design long trenches. Some of the popular trends in leather coat are actually flattering. Longer coats add height and slim your body while horizontal zippers add visual height and style to the outfit. If you prefer a bit more details in your leather coat, fur trims and linings add an elegant touch to it. For sporty look opt for leather coat with hood.

The price range for a good leather jacket is around $250-$300. If you are going for a better value leather coat to last for years, expect to pay more than $500, and if you divide it by the years of use, it is worth a pricey investment. You could also opt for trendy leather coat to last one season like a faux shearling for less than $50.


How to wash Leather Coats

We cannot wash leather coats in a washing machine. A mixture of water and a mild soap, ideally baby shampoo should be used to wash the coats by blotting method. Click on this video to see step by step on how to wash leather coat properly.

Please note that leather coat should be cleaned regularly and should be kept out direct sunlight.


How to remove spots from leather coat

Use this homemade recipe to remove normal spots from leather coat

1 part lemon juice
1 part cream of tartar

Mix the items together into paste and gently work the paste into the spot with a soft cloth. If the soils still remain, let it sit for a few hours. Apply a little more paste, rub it on and wipe clean.


Leather Coat Care

Most leather specialty store sell specific items designed to care for your leather coat which often includes leather lotion, leather wipe and leather protector. Use leather lotion to keep leather coat soft, leather wipe to make easy clean up and leather protector to keep the leather coat away from mould during cold weather.

One of the best tips to care for your leather coat is to wear it regularly in order to keep it in good conditions. If you want to store it, make sure to hang it on a sturdy coat hanger and put it in a well-ventilated area. Make sure wipe off any spills and dirt immediately with a damp cloth and regularly brush suedes and nubucks.


Timeless Leather Coats For Contemporary Modest Attire

Check out these leather coat styles to consider for your hijab style and modest apparel!









More Best Pick Leather Coats

Jacket with Ruffled Front  by Big Chill

Leather Coat with Ruffled Front 

Here in modest coats online are our best pick among great selection of leather coats suitable for hijab style.

Finding the perfect leather coat can be challenging. Once you have found one that fits best and flatters your body shape including your height, go for it and wear it for a long time to come.







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