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I just love hijab, abaya, jilbab, traditional Islamic dressing, and modest clothing and absolutely enjoy writing about them as well as sharing photos of them and helping others.

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Lovely Girls Abayas with Matching Hijabs for our Little Princesses........

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Girls abayas with matching hijab are my ones of my daughters' favorites. I love see them with black abaya and brightly print or a bit of glittered hijabs.

Don't they look fabulous whether for special occasions such as Eid celebration, wedding or as casual wear when they are attending weekend madrasah in this multi nationals country of Ireland?

You can find ready made girls abayas in many shops but quite often the choice of size is not many.

Girls' Pink Satin Full Butterfly Abaya

Girls' Pink Satin Full Butterfly Abaya

Girls Floral Embroidered Abaya

Girls Floral Embroidered Abaya

Elegant Embroidered Girl Abaya

Elegant Embroidered Girl Abaya

 Lovely Denim Girl Abaya

Lovely Denim Girl Abaya

Evening Stars Girl Abaya

Evening Stars Girl Abaya

Girls' Purple Blossoms Abaya

Girls' Purple Blossoms Abaya

 Red & White Embroidered Girl Abaya

Red & White Embroidered Girl Abaya

As children or teenagers size varies quite significantly, it sometimes a hassle to find the correct girls abayas sizes for the girls following the age size only.

Tailored girls abayas are designed in accordance to children heights, dress lengths, shoulder widths, sleeve lengths.

Good thing about girl abaya is that it normally includes matching hijab.

There are large selections of designs and styles of girls abayas for our little muslimah ranging from formal to more casual fashion.

Classic Formal Girl Abaya

Classic formal abaya is perfect for special and formal occasions such Eid or weddings.

This type of abaya often comes with beautiful and intricate detailing, embroidery or adornment on the sleeves and around the neck and down the lower front or hemline and sometimes at the back as well.

There are also formal abayas that have exquisite rhinestones in various colours adorning these beautiful abayas.

The abayas are either pull over type, which are easy to slip right over the regular clothing or front open.

My daughters prefer the front open type as they could just open up the front to put it on or take it off without interfering with their hijab, which is often done with a little bit of more effort to get it in place.

However, the pull over or slip on type that has one or two snaps at the neck could give extra headroom for our little muslimah to put it on or take it off easily.

Casual Girl Abaya

I love to see girls wearing girls abayas at play. The abayas do not necessarily be black in colour and is of crepe material for this occasion.

There are girl abayas that made of denim or cotton for casual wear. Our little muslimah will love the comfort and feel of these materials at all time.

Casual girl abaya could also come with a little bit of lovely embroidery or intricate details to adorn the abaya.

There are sometimes small splits at the sides of the abaya to give more striding space for our active girl.


There are various styles of girls abayas in the market. They are designed following the adult abaya styles such as elegant butterfly abaya, hooded classic abaya and comfortable denim abaya.

I'm sure you would have an awesome look on your face seeing little muslimah wearing butterfly abaya or also known as "Farasha" or "Malhafa" abaya.

She just looks adorable in this stylish abaya, as this beautiful abaya is comfortable, feminine as well as elegant due to the fluttery butterfly effect created by the sleeves.

Hooded classic girls abayas style is trendy, edgy and fun for casual wear for the girls. Some styles are made for activewear to be worn to the indoor or outdoor fields.

It is great to see little muslimah participate actively in sport in modest and yet stylish clothing.

There is also great denim girl abaya that can also be considered as a contemporary styled girl jilbab.

It can be worn over party clothes when going out or wear it as it is for casual events that demand comfort and physical flexibility for your little muslimah.

The girls will feel free and girlish as well as fashionable in this youthful denim abaya.


The modern girl abaya is nowadays very often made of good quality and durable material that would be suitable for many occasions and weather conditions.

We have to be selective in order to get value for money for long lasting and heavy duty wear by our little muslimah.

Classic or traditional girl abaya is normally made of crepe materials of various kinds and quality such as Kuwaiti, Saudi or Korean crepe.

Generally crepe is soft, lightweight, breathable and non-transparent and it falls beautifully. Cotton, linen or linen-cotton blend fabric is used to make casual abaya. These materials are used for its comfort and durability.

It will be a favourite garment you will depend on for active and every day wear abaya. A little bit of Dacron or Spandex in cotton abaya makes it wrinkle resistant, hence less effort to iron the garment.

Denim and corduroy are also preferred for casual design abaya.

Whether soft or hard denim, depending on the design, the combination of feminine and rugged looks will often appeal to the young and restless; but in this case the look also include modesty and concealing for the little muslimah.

Where to find?

We always want the best for our little muslimah. You either can find the girl abaya in the shops near you or can opt to shop online.

There are innumerable styles, designs and options. Most of the girl abaya comes with matching hijab particularly for classic and traditional abaya, which is good value for money and safe you the hassle to look around for the matching hijab.

Occasionally you could also find tailored girl abaya that would suit the girl's exact measurements. Check out this site for great selections of tailored abaya for little muslimah.

Alternatively you may try woman tailored abaya sites to customize the size for your teenager muslimah.




Girl Denim Abaya Set

Girl Denim Abaya Set





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