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I just love hijab, abaya, jilbab, traditional Islamic dressing, and modest clothing and absolutely enjoy writing about them as well as sharing photos of them and helping others.

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Bonnet Underscarf Sewing Patterns - Make Your Own Hijab Accessories

My Islamic clothing roses

Looking for bonnet type underscarf sewing patterns. Here we provide you easy instructions and simple diagram to follow to make your own hijab accessories.


This type of underscarf involves a bit more process to make compared to tube style underscarf pattern. But this underscarf makes a great gift to add to anyone's hijab accessories, especially when it is handmade.


How to sew bonnet style underscarf

This step by step instruction is based on bonnet underscarf patterns from which I have simplified it a little bit for our readers.

Bonnet style underscarf sewing pattern diagram 01


Bonnet style underscarf sewing pattern diagram 02


Bonnet style underscarf sewing pattern diagram 03

Bonnet underscarf hijab

The final product, bonnet underscarf hijab


  1. You need
    • 0.5m (1/2 yard) fabric, stretchy material suits best
    • 1/2" wide x 15cm (6”) long elastic band

  2. Cut the material in the following sizes
    • 34cm (13”) x 100cm (38”) for the front piece.
    • 28cm (11”) x 40cm (16”) for the back piece.

  3. Fold the larger rectangle in half with right sides together. Sew around the edges leaving an opening for turning - see Diagram 01. Turn the right side out, fold in the raw edges of the opening and sew it closed. Repeat the same process to the smaller rectangle.

  4. To stitch the front and back pieces together - see Diagram 02
    • Find the centre of the front and center of back pieces and pin them together
    • Sew from the centre down to the end of the back piece and do the same again to the other end.

  5. Place the elastic band along the folded edge of the back piece.  Stretch it to fit the width of the back piece and sew it in place with zig-zag stiches.  This way it gathers the back piece to hold your hair snuggly under it.

  6. Place this bonnet style underscarf on your head and tie the two long end at the back of your neck.

  7. This type of underscarf sewing patterns looks a bit more tedious to do compare to the tube style underscarf.  But the end product is superb and it will also provide you more flexibility in adjusting the tightness of your underscarf.

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