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I just love hijab, abaya, jilbab, traditional Islamic dressing, and modest clothing and absolutely enjoy writing about them as well as sharing photos of them and helping others.

So much so, I would also enjoy reading your thoughts about hijab, Islamic clothing and modest dressing and comments on the site...

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Charming Modest Coats Online To Suit Your Hijab Style

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Find our best pick of women coats that suit your hijab style in modest coats online here. From casual to elegant cut, our selection earns its style stripe and flattering shade. Add a splash of colour with graphic-print hijab or matching mute colour scarf to complete the look.

There are various coat styles available in the market - pea coats, trench coats, pardesus style coats, full length, cropped, car coats, down coats, hooded etc. The choice depends on the requirements, occasions and your personal style.

Apart from these, the material of the coat also affects your choice.

Wool - one of the warmest materials, certainly suitable for colder climates. Coats made of this material surely add a touch luxury and sophistication and looks fantastic when worn with hijab of contrasting colour.

Cashmere - my favourite material for a coat as it provides light-weight insulation without bulk. It is known for keeping you warm in accordance to your body temperature. You can't go wrong with cashmere coat in terms of style and fashion but the down side is it is a bit more expensive. Look out for any great sale or offer in modest coats online, you surely find one for your wardrobe.

Leather - it has the unmatched ability to be comfortable in both hot and cold temperatures. Suitable for any kind of weather because of its waterproof quality makes it the perfect coat for rain or other wet and damp conditions. If you opt for leather coat, take into consideration a particular design and color leather coat you feel would be best for you and suit your style.

Faux fur - a faux fur coat provides extreme warmth for the wearer similar to that of any wool or cashmere coats. It is not only helps the environment and animals, but also add style and versatility to the coat. Modest coats online offers best pick of faux fur that suit your hijab style.

Nylon shell - top choice for lightweight weather protection. It reflects any kind of moisture and has insulating capabilities. Many winter parka coats are made of this material. The drawback is nylon shell can be quite noisy during movement and quite often the outer shell does not come with the softest material.

Waxed canvas - this material is suitable for working environments. Regular canvas generally absorbs water but a waxed canvas coat is water repellent. It keeps you warm and dry from rain, sleet or snow, hence allows you to have superior movement without being weighed down with a wet coat.

No matter what material you choose for your coat, only wear one that you truly enjoy and enhance your look and style.


Our Best Pick That Suit Hijab Style

Here in modest coats online are our best pick among great selection of coats suitable for hijab style.


Winter Coats


Fall Coats


Spring Coats


Summer Coats


Navy Waterfall Front Mac



Pea Coats



Leather Coats


Faux Fur Coats

reversible faux fur coat

Reversible Faux Shearling and Fur Pants Coat



Cashmere Coats


Pardesus Coats


Best Value Coats













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