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I just love hijab, abaya, jilbab, traditional Islamic dressing, and modest clothing and absolutely enjoy writing about them as well as sharing photos of them and helping others.

So much so, I would also enjoy reading your thoughts about hijab, Islamic clothing and modest dressing and comments on the site...

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Classy and Comfortable Bisht Abaya

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Bisht abaya also known as Mislah is one of my favorite clothing as its free width falls and flows elegantly makes the style modest, classy and comfortable with large hijab to match.

The style is designed with a cut that is similar to butterfly abaya, however unlike the butterfly abaya, it has no seam to define the body or sleeves, which provides superior coverage, thus giving us a very modest look.

This abaya has also been compared to the traditional overhead open cut abaya, but instead of being worn on the head, it is worn on the shoulders.

The open sizing is one of the best things about the Bisht style abaya. This style of abaya does not require bust or hip sizing due to its open width design, which allows it to fit loosely on almost every body type.

For mother to be and for some of us whose weight fluctuates and so as our body shape, this style is just what we need without looking over bloom?

The style normally comes with a large matching hijab for better coverage. The hijab is usually made of premium chiffon and is adorned with the same detailing or embroidery as the abaya.

The abaya is sometimes designed with a zipper opening at the neck that can provide extra space to accommodate nursing mothers.

You can also find this abaya with embroidery adorn the cuffs and neck opening and sometimes accented by crystals, making it perfect for special occasions.

With high quality fabric that is soft, smooth and has a medium weight, allows the abaya to drape beautifully. The soft lovely flow of this Bisht style abaya makes for a modest, comfortable, and elegant style.

Black Onyx Bisht Abaya

Black Onyx Bisht Abaya

Made of Japanese silk of lightweight material. Completely closed with V-neck and zipper opening at the neck of the attire. Beautiful black embroidery over satin on the chest and cuffs.

Kuwaiti Bisht Abaya

Kuwaiti Bisht Abaya

Made of super-soft, lightweight, and breathable crepe material. Accented with a zipper at the neck which is perfect for nursing sisters. Featured with either stunning silver or gold embroidery and sequence on the chest, cuffs and lovely baguette sequence beads down the front of the abaya.

Saudi Bisht Abaya

Saudi Bisht Abaya

Made of high quality Fursaan (synthetic Saudi silk). This elegant black Saudi Bisht features beautiful rich black material with black embroidery accented with gorgeous dainty black stones around the cuffs and neckline.

The Best Islamic Clothing Tips

Sizing Tips

When choosing the size for your Bisht abaya, the only two measurements you need to keep in mind are the length and the sleeve span. The width will fit regardless of any body size. However, if you are larger than size 4X you may want to consider the width.

The sleeve span measurement is important since it affects the way the sleeves and shoulders fit. To measure your sleeve span, take an abaya or jilbab that fits you well. Lay the garment on the floor or bed. Spread the sleeves of the garment straight out in a 'T' shape. Take the measuring tape and measure from the start of one sleeve, across the front of the garment to the end of the other sleeve, (you are measuring from the end tip of one sleeve to the end tip of the other sleeve). This is your sleeve span.

For comfortable fit, the sleeve span of your Bisht should be equal or close to the actual sleeve span of the abaya you just measured, Insha'Allah.





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