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Fashion Rings - An Instant Boost of Blings to Your Modest Apparel And Hijab Style Outfit

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Fashion rings are becoming all the rage today for modest apparel and hijab style outfit. We are particularly drawn to fashion rings because of their great multitude of choice, versatility and flexibility. You might notice that it is not easy to come across someone with the exact same rings as you have because there is huge range of beautiful styles and designs of rings in the market.

Your choices are endless from large and overwhelming to dainty and feminine. You’ll be able to complete your modest look and hijab style just the way you want it with little effort. So be sure to make stylish appearance with chic fashion rings.


When Purchasing a Ring

Choose rings that highlight and accentuate the beauty of your fingers and complementing the colour of your skin. Rings that make your fingers look slender and long and seem to illuminate your skin tone are perfect for you.

The length and size of your fingers plays an important role in choosing the right ring that look good for you. Long skinny fingers will look good with dainty and chic rings.  Woman that has long thicker fingers look exquisite with huge oversized rings.

Choose design that best suits your personality. Dainty, feminine and delicate designs like fashion flower or fashion heart exudes air of romanticism and may suit women with a similar character.  Rings with abstract, contemporary and futuristic designs may suit women with eccentric tastes. Simple, neat designs like statement stone rings or basic metal rings are perfect for women opting for classic and traditional look.



Determine also the fabric that you’re going to wear with the ring. If you’re wearing fine fabrics, try not to wear any rings that have sharp edges that could snag.

Go for a mix of various gems and colors. Use multiple textures, colors and metals as far as possible because uniform materials and colors tend to blend too well together, hence do not stand out.


Cocktail rings

Nowadays cocktail rings have make a comeback and popular because of their dramatic designs. Magnificent cocktail ring is one of the important accessories. Whether you’re wearing basic black number like black abaya or color eccentric outfit like color rich caftan, wearing a cocktail ring adds a splash of drama and glam to your look.

The best way to go for cocktail rings is to go large. Point to note is that cocktail rings are not designed to be elegant or simple accessories which will blend into the outfit you are wearing. They are intended to be bold, large and stand out.

You don’t have to buy an expensive cocktail ring. With reasonable price cocktail rings, you can enjoy various styles with less to spend for big chunky abstract design, antique style, large gemstone or crystal and many more unique styles.



Choosing a cocktail ring

When looking for the perfect cocktail ring, choose one that you feel comfortable with.

If you’re not used to wearing bold, whimsical rings, choose smaller cocktail ring.

If you’re the fun type, choose bold colloquy starter with large flashier ring to dress up your finger.

The perfect cocktail rings have a mix of elegance and glamour having real stones alongside with faux.


Selection of Fashion Rings

Marsala Sterling Silver Pink Shell Band Ring 

Marsala Sterling Silver Pink Shell Band Ring 


Ashley Cooper Cabochon Stone Stretch Ring

  Ashley Cooper Cabochon Stone Stretch Ring 



















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